Monday, May 28, 2007

Church of San Pedro Apostol

"Loboc was the second Jesuit mission established in Bohol, after Baclayon. In late 1596 Padre Juan de Torres began his ministry in a settlement by the banks of the Loboc River, about an hour’s banca ride from the sea. Eventually 11 barangays were convinced to form a single community; the residents cut wood from the forest to build its first church, which was dedicated to San Miguel Arcangel. Tradition locates this in a site called Calvario, Sawang, about 500 yards from the present church. According to an 1886 survey, the oldest books of the parish dated from 1602 (none of these have survived, victims of periodic floods as we shall see). " - full articleThe old church bell tower.
We were lucky enough to witness a church wedding when we visited the Church of San Pedro Apostol. Here, my lovely model is showing the flood levels in the Church of San Pedro Apostol in 1984 and in 1990. The lovely model's heigh is 5'6". Across the Church of San Pedro Apostol is an unfinished bridge that would have required the demolition of the church. There are so many locations along the Loboc riverbanks where they could have built the bridge. Why they built the bridge in that location is plain stupid because the historical church would have been in the way. Unless... their reason was to dig up treasure that was allegedly hidden under the church. Hmmmmm.....

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