Monday, May 28, 2007

Clarin Ancestral Home

This is the ancestral home of Aniceto Clarin and his family. Aniceto was the first governer of Bohol and, later, a member of the Philippine senate. Inside, you'll find a lot of antiques and family memorabilia. It was an interesting tour because it gives you an insight on how people lived and how houses were built near the 1900's during the Spanish and American eras.This is the master bedroom of the Clarin ancestral home where generations of the Clarin family were created :) hehehe! One of the trivia that stood out from our guide was her explanation of the length of the floor boards. They were almost 4-5 feet long and a foot wide. According to her, this was a symbol of the wealth of the family when the house was built. What's interesting about the master bedroom is the trap door under a small rug.The trap door leads to the first floor. This was used in the past to escape from the Spanish civil guards. The ground floor has a small restaurant/cafe where a member of the Clarin family, a former mayor, greeted us. What's also interesting about the house is that a member of the Clarin family still lives in one of the bedrooms. Obviously, this bedroom is closed to the public.

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