Monday, May 28, 2007

Loboc River

The Loboc River tour in Bohol can be described as lunch served in a floating buffet restaurant. There are actually a number of these restaurants that line the shores of Loboc river. Our guide, Gilbert, brought us to one of the newer floating restaurants. Even though there's a buffet table, there's only a limited amount. Since there's no on-board kitchen, there are no table refills. So you better line-up first and get the good stuff before it runs out. While you're eating, you'll be greeted by spectacular green views and a cool breeze. If you need to answer the call of nature, you'll need to do it by the side of the boat. Just kidding! The boat has its own toilet :) From time to time, you'll find locals swimming in the river trying to escape from the summer heat. Eventually, you'll end up at the start of the river that features two small waterfalls and a raft filled with singing kids picture to the right. I'm a person who easily gets seasick. It was an enjoyable experience. It's not something you'd look forward to doing again - but it's worth doing once :)

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