Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting Around

View Larger Map From the map above, Siquijor is a small island. In fact, you can tour the entire island in one day!

We hired a small colorful tourist jeepney. The driver picked us up from our Coral Cay Resort and even brought us back home in the evening. In one of our stops along the road, our guide (in red) filled up his water bottle with spring water coming from the mountain. Nice!

Throughout our tour, I was wondering how our jeepney re-fueled because I only saw one gas station which was already closed early in the evening. My question was answered when the jeepney stopped beside a small store and purchased two liters of Coke which contains gasoline. So there we were, parked at the side of the road getting re-fueled by the store owner who's pouring 2 bottles of gasoline-filled Coke into the fuel tank of the jeepney. Too bad my camera ran out of juice at that moment.

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