Saturday, March 8, 2008

Apo Island Beach Resort

You can visit their official website here. This is a picture of the lower triton. To the right is the dive shop of the resort. Behind the lower triton is the stone steps up a hill to the upper triton. I stayed in the upper Triton cottage. It's a long way up. And as usual, I found myself going up and down the stairs often because I always forget something in my room. Oh yeah, the doors nor the windows have a lock - so always keep your valuables with you. You get two large buckets of water. The red bucket contains fresh water which is used for bathing. The green bucket contains salt water and is used for the toilet. You fill the smaller green bucket with salt water and you pour its contents very rapidly in the toilet bowl. The rush of water then forces the toilet to flush. Be careful though, you might end up splattering yourself with your own human waste if you do it too forcefully! If you pour the water too carefully, the toilet will not even flush. It's a delicate balance and it requires skill! hahaha! If you need more fresh water, you'll have to purchase more from the front desk by the bucket. Fresh water is a scarce resource on the island. In fact, fresh water is imported and transported by boat from Dumaguete. But... sea water is free! Notice the bottled water on top of the water closet? I recommending purchasing bottled water for brushing your teeth. The whole island only has electricity at night for a few hours from its own power generator. However, Apo Island Beach Resort has its own generator so there's electricty for much longer - from 6:00pm to 12 midnight to be exact. You should pack your own flashlight if you plan on staying here. This is the best hotel the island has to offer. Nevertheless, the next time I go there will probably be just a day trip. I can only stay there for one night maximum. I can survive without electricity for one night - but I have problems when there's no running water!

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