Saturday, May 17, 2008

SuperFerry - Our Lady of Good Voyage

I booked a roundtrip ticket for a ship voyage from Manila to Coron, Palawan at SuperFerry. Though there are direct flights to Coron via SeaAir or Asian Spirit, my friends and I decided to take a ship for two reasons: (1) it had a sense of adventure and (2) it was much cheaper :) The SuperFerry ship leaves for Coron every Friday at 4:00PM. The ship returns to Manila every Sunday night. Our plan was to have a quick Coron getaway where we slept two nights on the ship and only one night in Coron. I was scheduled to leave Manila at 4:00pm. But due to the low-pressure area that developed into a tropical cyclone, the departure time was delayed by 6 hours. We ended up leaving Manila at 10:00pm. Though we still expected to arrive in Coron in the morning. I went to bed right after dinner because I was planning to sleep through the night. If it's your first time in SuperFerry, don't forget to avail of the free bedsheet and pillow cases from the counter. The thicker blankets cost 30 pesos. You do have to return all the linens before the ship docks. Once the ship hit the open sea, the ship started to move like the Anchor's Away ride in Enchanted Kingdom. My stomach was churning in all directions and my head started throbbing in synchronization with the up and down motion of the ship. Nausea and a headache, with a slight flu, made the entire voyage unbearable. I closed my eyes, prayed and imagined an island at the horizon. I managed to survive the evening without vomiting in spite of all the sounds and smell of people around you vomiting. I'm proud because I'm notorious for being extremely sensitive to motion sickness. The ship took the longer route to avoid the rough seas caused by typhoon Cosme. Unfortunately, this added several hours to the voyage. The ship captain informed us that the expected time of arrival in Coron would be 8:00pm. Typhoon Cosme was so powerful that it killed a number of people in Northern Luzon and it even caused a blackout that lasted for days! How powerful was it? You can check this article out from the Manila Times. I guess we're lucky for surviving the ordeal in spite of our stubbornness :) After 12 hours in the ship, you could see Batangas to your left and Mindoro to your right. The frustrating thing is you can get to Batangas in 3 hours, at most, by land! I spent the rest of the hours in bed trying to sleep and fighting off the effects of motion sickness. Finally, at 8:00PM in the evening we arrived at the Coron port. We alighted from our ship with wobbly legs. Unfortunately, the wobbly legs would linger in the succeeding days. It was signal number 1 in Mindoro and I went through it in a ship. Will I do it again? Yes, but not anytime soon AND only if I'm guaranteed good weather and smooth sailing.

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