Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scuba Diving - Sieta Pecados

Sieta Pecados. My Spanish is poor, but I think it translates to Seven Sins. You can count 7 islands - though I don't know why the place was called seven sins.
I found it interesting to see a sign where our boat was anchored. And I was even more pleased to learn that they're very careful in preserving this marine sanctuary by not using their "tikin" (long bamboo pole) to navigate the boat.
This place is a good sight to see a lot of corals and fish. This is good for snorkeling because the corals and fish can be seen even from shallow depths.
For divers, this is just a standard dive. But hey, it's one of the closest dive spots from SeaDive. So if you're in a rush (like we were), then Sieta Pecaodos is a must-dive. The wreck dives are 2 hours away.
If you hate currents, you'll love this dive.

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