Monday, May 19, 2008


During my whole stay in Coron, we stayed at Sea Dive Resort. You can visit their website here. The non-aircon rooms were cheap. But we opted to stay in the air-conditioned rooms, which, unfortunately were in the 3rd floor. The steps going to the 2nd floor were huge and quite a challenge to climb. Going to the 2nd to the 3rd floor was equally challenging with a steel spiral staircase where you can quite literally see the ground floor with every step you take. If you're afraid of heights, you may find it difficult to get to the 3rd floor - especially when you're carrying a lot of things. Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of heights? You can actually see the steel spiral staircase at the upper-left hand corner of the picture above. If it isn't obvious yet, I got a lot of aerobic exercise going up and down the stairs when I forgot something in my room :) And I always do forget something! If you'll be doing a lot of site-seeing, Sea Dive is actually the best place to stay even if you're a non-diver. The whole hotel is resting on stilts in the sea. All the boats for scuba-diving, snorkeling or travelling are either already docked beside Sea Dive or can easily pick you up from there. For me, this means that I don't have to wake up extra early so that I don't miss the departure of the boat. Also, when the boat arrives you can immediately go up to your room to freshen up or rest - no need to travel by land anymore!
Every morning though I was awakend by the ear-piercing squeals and cries of a pig that was being slaughtered in the nearby public market. It's enough to make you want to become a vegetarian - but the guilty feeling only lasts as long as the pig's cries. hehehe! The whole place feels so cramped. The roads are narrow and the houses are so close to each other. It's such a quaint but charming fishing village. Before I go further off-topic, I would just like to say that I highly recommend Sea Dive. Our air-conditioning unit was brand new and it was actually working so well that it was freezing cold at night. The toilet and bath is clean and nice. There's even a hot shower available! There are a few minor gripes though: the cleaning lady left a (1) Zesto tetra pack and an empty Fita wrapper in the terrace and (2) the refrigerator still had a blue plastic bag filled with trash. I blame the cleaning lady for that miss and no one else! The prices in the restaurant are reasonable. The food selection is also wide-ranging - from local cuisine to continental dishes. But if you're looking to save on lunch or dinner, you can opt to go to the public market and buy the freshest catch of the day. Then, have your fish cooked in nearby restaurants for only a small fee! Did I mention that they provided free WiFi access? No password required! Still... SeaDive is the best Coron has to offer and I would choose to go back there the next time I visit Coron.

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kg said...

hello! going through my old posts and found your link in my coron post! ganda ng coron ano? it's really the best!

how did you find kayangan lake? it was my favorite. :)