Monday, May 19, 2008

Twin Lagoon

This has got to be one of the most beautiful places in Coron. The cliffs are spectacular! All you need here are your snorkeling gear. If you have fins, I highly encourage you to use them because this will be a long swim! Even if you're a strong swimmer, I recommend bringing a life jacket. To get to the "other twin" lagoon, you will have to go through this small cave that's only visible during low tide. There's a sea urchin in there so watch out! There's also a lot of fish in the cave. Unfortunately, that's the only place where you'll see any underwater life. When you get in the secluded lagoon, there's nothing to see underwater and you can't even tell how deep the water is. It's just limitless blue! It's rather scarey because you really have no idea what lies beneath the water. The water is brackish again and the sea water does not mix with the fresh water. You can feel thermocline even when you're swimming at the surface. You can even see the thermocline underwater because the visibility changes between hazy to clear as you swim along. Above water, the sheer cliff is even more spectacular inside than outside. It feels so secluded and untouched. It was quite the adventure! If ever you go to Coron, you absotively posolutely must go here!

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