Saturday, March 8, 2008

Apo Island Scuba Diving Experience

The foreground where there are two people with a net is the beach front of Apo Island Beach Resort. We went diving somewhere in t he background where you can see a few boats docked. There were strong waves at the surface. But as we descended, there was only a very slight current. I don't have jet fins but the current was very manageable. Our first encounter was with a frog fish. It's amazing how our dive master was able to spot it. I would have thought I was looking at a coral. I could only tell it was alive when the dive master prodded it a bit with his stick. Otherwise, it would have been totally motionless. Is this a lion fish? We found this huge fish hiding under a coral. This sighting made me hungry. I was imagining sweat and sour fish for lunch hehehe. We had a close encounter with a sea snake. You can see our dive master and the sea snake having a stand-off! Isn't the sea snake the most poisonous snake in the world? Is that a gecko? Good thing I spotted it and I was able to shoo it away. Otherwise, I would have inadvertently brought home a new pet. There's no place to rinse our dive gear after the dive. This makes me wonder how the Apo Island dive shop rinses and maintains its equipment.