Sunday, May 27, 2007

Trudi's Place

We actually chose Trudi's Place because it was one of the more cheaper beach front resorts along Alona Beach. Trudi's doesn't have the best beach front. So you do have to walk down the beach though to get the best swimming areas. Trudi's also has the best and most affordable restaurant in Alona Beach. We tried restaurant hunting. However, we always went back to Trudi's because (1) either menu was not appealing enough to us or (2) the other restaurants were too expensive. In fact, all the locals would recommend eating at Trudi's. The rooms at Trudi's Place are nice and clean. The rooms are fully air-conditioned and the bathroom has a hot shower available. At Trudi's Place, you even get cable TV in your room which was a nice bonus because I was closely following the NBA 2007 Playoffs and I didn't want to miss any San Antonio Spurs games.
To book a room in Trudi's Place you can visit their website at

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