Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino - Main Lobby

Fontana resort is located within the Clark Freeport Zone (formerly Clark Air Base). For a history of Clark Air Base, which used to be the largest and most urbanized overseas military installation of the United States of America, please visit the wiki here. This is the main facade of the newly constructed front-desk and main lobby of Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino. It's a huge structure that adds class and elegance to the entire resort. When you enter, you feel like you're in a grand casino in Macau or Las Vegas. Actually, there really is a casino in the 2nd floor. The lobby is very luxurious and elegant with tall windows, doors and a high ceiling. The lobby borrows heavily from Las Vegas because of the architecture. Notice that there are 2nd floor balconies which are there only for aesthetics. There is no way to get up there. To the right of the counter, is the spa. It's rather expensive, as you can see from the prices in the picture above. At the back of the main building is an olympic-size swimming pool. It costs about 300 pesos to swim. For that amount of money, I would prefer to go to the water park where there is a wave pool, a water slide and an artificial river. You can visit Fontana's website here.

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