Monday, August 25, 2008

Bethel Guest House

"Bethel Guest House is situated directly along the Boulevard in Dumaguete City, the capital of Oriental Negros. It is only an hour and fifteen minutes flight from the country’s capital of Manila. It is a fifteen-minute drive from the airport and three minutes to the seaport. Located at the heart of the city, the hotel is within walking distance from business establishments, universities, churches, parks, theaters, tourist spots, and other entertainment centers. It also offers a refreshing view of the sea and of Dumaguete against the backdrop of Mt. Talinis and the neighboring provinces of Oriental Negros. Also, available in nearby Bais are the Popular Dolphin Watching Tours plus other refreshing sights in the City of Gentle people." -link (

hotel facade

hotel lobby

hotel lobby

My sister's friend recommended Bethel House as the best place to stay in Dumaguete. There are only a handful of buildings in Dumaguate, and Bethel House is one of the tallest structures in the city.

satellite view


Boulevard (left)

Boulevard (right)

What makes Bethel Guest House the ideal place to stay is its proximity to everything and the fact that it's right across the sea. In the morning, there are lots of people walking and jogging by the beach. This evokes images of an unpolluted Manila Bay. This makes me really wonder how glorious and magnificent Manily Bay was in the past.

Watch out for the street vendors selling pearls. They wait along the Boulevard waiting for tourists to come out from Bethel House. They can get annoying and persistent.

elevator advertisements

4th floor lobby

room corridor
There are a lot of ads posted in the walls of the elevator. Some ads are for properties while the others are four local tours. The ad that got my attention was the home service massage. :)

Once we arrived at the fourth level, I couldn't help but feel like I was in a hospital - and it smelled like one too! The lobby looks like a nurse station and the tiles and colors of the wall are all white - again, another common interior look of a hospital.

family room

view from room

dual faucet


We stayed in the family room (Php 1,800) that's good for 4 people. You can squeeze a fifth person by requesting for an extra bed. The family room also reminds you of a hospital room again. The white floor tiles, white venetian blinds and white walls all support that image. Was Bethel House a hospital in the past?

Why are there two faucets? Both faucets deliver cold water. But even if one faucet was for hot water and the other was for cold water, what's the point? you still need to mix both hot and cold water to get the desired moderate temperate for bathing. Or maybe I'm just ignorant?
There's also a cafe at the ground level that looks more like a cafeteria. You get a tray, fall in line, and point at the dishes you want to eat. There's a wide selection of food available. You only pay at the cashier after your meal.
I've been to Bethel House twice already. The rooms are very clean and neat. It just reminds me too much of a hospital - and it smells like one too! Still... I'll most likely stay there again in my next visit to Dumaguete.


joselle said...

Yep, Bethel definitely has that 'too clean' feel to it. For more traditional, homey accommodations tourists often go for La Residencia Almar, which is a short walk away from Bethel, or Hotel Palwa :) One thing that Bethel has going for it is the view though. No view of the Boulevard quite like Bethel's view.

kat said...

The view looks great from the hotel room.