Sunday, August 3, 2008

La Cocina de Tita Moning Tour

La Cocina de Tita Moning is located at #315 San Rafael Street, SanMiguel District, Manila. Along with an early 1900's aristocratic dining experience, you also get a tour of the Legarda mansion by their well-trained staff. I've blogged about my dining experience here.
The Mansion

stair case
Staircase at the Main Entrance
Alejandro Legarda Sr., M.D (1902 -1993) and Ramona Hernandez Legarda "Tita Moning" (1904 -1999)

I'm always fascinated with old houses and antiques. And I truly appreciated the care they put into preserving the look and feel of the house as it was in its glory days.

study desk bar
The Library

camera equip 2
camera equip 6
camera equip 5
camera equip 1
camera equip 3
camera equip 4
Antique Camera Equipment

clinic skeleton microscope
Clinic where Dr. Alejandro Legarda received his patients

sink kitchen
Antique sink and toilet fixtures

adding machine old stuff turn table
ham radio set old hifi
Antique Gadgets (I love viewing these!)

living room 1 living room 2
Living Room and Dressing Room

dining hall 1 dining hall 2 dining hall 3
Dining Room

For more information about the Legarda Mansion you can visit their website at: and

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